Recipe for Success

WHO WE ARErecipe for success

Danyel Ann Foods (DA Foods) was created, in 2009, to fill a void in quality food representation and marketing through efficiently and effectively managing the product development process.

It was clear that the food industry was in need of an agile and aggressive company with an attention to detail and a knack for solutions management.

Since it’s inception Danyel Ann Foods has been successful through establishing concrete relationships with quality manufacturers and becoming a resource to highly regarded retailers.


DA Foods works closely with food manufacturers and retailers in North America providing innovative food solutions. DA foods has an established history of giving its clients a competitive edge in the specialty foods market.

Most of our efforts are focused on helping small/ medium-sized companies find their niche within the retail platform. This includes, but is not limited to: logo design, packaging design, pricing strategies, placement, positioning- unique selling points, marketing efforts, and sales. This does not mean we will not work with the “big dogs,” to the contrary, we have assisted some large players in navigating and implementing a fresh perspective and process.


We are well versed in combining manufacturer needs (coming from the manufacturing side of consumer goods) and customer insights (having years of experience in sales & marketing and retail placement). This ability allows us to see your company as a whole and to help you strategically approach growth that can be sustained for long-term success.

No Company or strategy is one size fits all, so before we approach yours, we lay aside our assumptions to learn about who you are and who you want to be.
Only after we’ve gained a thorough understanding of your brand can we offer meaningful, informed insights and recommendations. After all, you need to first define who you are and the message you want to share with the world; then we can help you artfully tailor that message to your audience and deliver it through the proper channels - so that they can hear you and relate to you.


Relationship Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Food Marketing, Product Development, Branding, Logo Design, Packaging Insight and Design, Sales Material Design, Account Management and Business Development.


DA Foods has been an integral part in the development and launch of Cow Candy, an all-natural monterey jack cheese portion for kids and kids at heart. Cow Candy adds whimsy to the diary case by adding all-natural fruit flavorings and colors from natural sources to the goodness of Wisconsin Cheese.